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ALH 260

External layer: Resistant glass laminate with UV coating

Versatility of use: Many adaptation possibilities for various industries

All-weather comfort: Excellent insulation thanks to the XPS core

Non-slip floor: made of laminate and fiberglass

Long years of use: Solid materials for durability

Mobile gastronomy: Meets food contact standards

Functionality first: Thoughtful interior layout

Ease of maintenance: Simple to clean and maintain

Stunning appearance: Properly designed interior and attractive design

Unlimited mobility: Easy to transport and maneuver on any terrain


In our offer, you will find two options for ALH260 trailers that we customise to meet your needs:

ALH260P - Empty Model: You can customise the interior and equipment of this trailer according to your individual requirements.

ALH260WSN - Equipped Model: If you prefer a ready-to-use solution, we encourage you to consider the ALH260WSN model. This trailer comes equipped with standard elements that make starting your operations easier. But that's not all! The ALH260WSN model can also be adapted to your individual requirements.


  • External dimensions (mm): L: 7670, W: 2100, H: 2800

  • Internal dimensions (mm): L: 6000, W: 2000, H: 2200

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (kg): 2700

  • Payload capacity (kg): 1400

  • Number of axles: double-braked AL-KO axle

  • Overrun brake: yes, AL-KO

  • Jockey wheels: yes, AL-KO

  • Frame: hot-dip galvanised steel

  • Drawbar: V-drawbar, not removable

  • Support legs: 4 x 500 kg AL-KO

  • Wheels: 4, 195/50R13C 104/102N

  • Lighting: LED road lights in accordance with the road code.

  • Walls and roof: 53 mm thickness of the sandwich panels of glass laminate with a gelcoat surface that provides maximum UV and weather resistance. The inner layer is an XPS core that provides excellent thermal insulation.

  • Floor: grey sanded floor with a wear-resistant anti-slip coating.

  • Colour: white

  • Number of sales flaps: 1 with gas struts, L: 3000, H: 1400mm

  • Entrance door: 1, L: 800, H: 1900 mm, key lock on the input door


The Model ALH260WSN is the perfect solution for anyone starting a mobile catering business. This model comes with all the necessary equipment, and the stainless steel furniture ensures durability and cleanliness. 

  • Sliding window made of aluminum profile: 1 with dimensions: length: 3000 mm, height: 1100 mm

  • External folding shelf: 3000 mm long

  • Electrical installation: 230V, eight single sockets, LED interior lighting

  • Stainless steel sanitary corner: cabinet with a 2-chamber sink, dimensions: length: 800 mm, width: 550 mm, height: 900 mm, 2x20L water tanks, instantaneous water heater 

  • Stainless steel hood: includes a powerful fan with a capacity of 1300m3/h, dimensions: length: 1500 mm, width: 800 mm, height: 400 mm

  • Stainless steel protective panel placed under the hood with a length of 1500 mm

  • Stainless steel worktop with sliding door and shelf (mm): length: 1500, width: 550, height: 900

  • Stainless steel worktop with sliding door and shelf (mm): length: 1500, width: 550, height:  900

  • Stainless steel worktop with shelf (mm): length: 2300, width: 550, height: 900

  • Stainless steel worktop without shelves and doors (mm): length: 700, width: 550, height: 900

Would you consider creating a mobile business?

Створення нотаток

Now is the time to start 


Electrical installation: 230V and 380V

Flat floor option for a more spacious working area

Extra-wide option of 20 cm

Additional sale flap with or without an aluminum sliding window

Exhaust hoods in different sizes

Removable drawbar

Storage box on the drawbar made of sandwich panels.

Customizable furniture options are available in various materials and sizes.


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